Zhang San Feng Cultural Festival 2019

June 16, 2019 Joe Brady

Zhang San Feng Cultural Festival, in association with DaoUSA and the Wudang San Feng Friendship Association of China, have joined forces to promote “Tai Chi for Humanity” in a celebration of unity, balance, and harmony.  

Join us again for the 22nd annual Zhang San Feng Cultural Arts Festival – July 6th and 7th, 2019 – to experience a “taste” of China.  Elks Lodge 3690 South Jason Street, Englewood Colorado 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

We come together this year to host our cultural festival in Englewood, CO, inviting participants and spectators from around the region, and also with our eyes set on the biggest national/international Zhang San Feng festival ever held in America – in the mountains of Estes Park – at the Dao House in July 2020. 

You have saved the date for this year’s event.  Now we’re getting closer! 

Gene Ching, from Kung Fu / Tai Chi Magazine, will be here again this year covering the event.  Also, new for this year, we are incorporating a “regional championship” into our program, specifically looking for upcoming stars and champions (both children and adults) to be featured in Kung Fu / Tai Chi Magazine.  GET READY!

We are introducing TWO NEW DIVISIONS that are open to all styles (including Kung Fu, Karate, Kenpo, Taekwondo, etc.):  Musical Forms division for individuals, and Group Performance division for 3 or more participants.  There will be a CASH PRIZE for these two events.

The main vision of the Zhang San Feng Cultural Festival is to highlight Tai Chi and other internal styles, showing the quality,  sophistication, and finesse of this ancient and mysterious art.  Our goal is to make this event the premiere Tai Chi exchange in the United States of America, creating a true Olympic-level Push Hands event that eliminates Sumo-wrestling and roughhousing.  Push Hands is “the art of being pushed” – not pushing.

Come celebrate the Five Excellences.  Dress in your favorite Asian style garment to be a part of the festival and enjoy the Lion Dance and the ‘Masters of Martial Arts’ amazing demonstrations – even bigger and better than in 2018. 

“Tai Chi for Humanity” is an important goal of the Zhang San Feng Cultural Festival.  We want to show how a gathering of conscious minds can help heal the world of stress/despair, and promote unity, balance, and harmony amongst people and life itself.

Remember, this event is a chance to educate the public and offers opportunities to celebrate, experience, and learn about the Five Excellences:   health, calligraphy, poetry, music, and martial arts.  This is a family-friendly event and there will be something for everyone!

On Saturday, we invite all schools, families, and friends to feel the harmony and unity that we will share in the Rocky Mountain region – coming together in an exchange of ideas, skills, and talents – to improve and elevate ourselves to a higher level of personal and physical growth.

On Sunday, sign up for one or more of our workshops and expand your martial art and physical health education. 

For more information, contact Master Clarke:

Phone:  720-244-3927 

Email:  zsffestival@gmail.com