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Coach Stacey Fowler
Coach Stacey Fowler

We Play It Forward:In a Nutshell……

We Play It Forward is the charitable arm of Coach Stacy’s Healthy U, a Colorado small business advocating health and fitness.  We Play It Forward’s mission is to empower Coloradans to engage in physical activity as well as healthy habits and lifestyles by creating opportunities through monetary and equipment donations.  We Play It Forward solicits donations of new athletic and fitness gear as needed, as well as cash contributions, which are then “played forward” to individuals, teams, schools, and community organizations, thereby making participation in physical activity possible.


To make a donation,

simply mail your check along with your name, address, and phone number, to:
Living Younger Longer Institute

1529 York St. #1
 Denver, CO 80206
Telephone: 303-744-7676

make checks to: We Play it Forward (501c3)