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T’ai-chi and Exercise is Medicine

T'ai chi is often described as "meditation in motion," but it might well be called "medication in motion."
There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice ... has value in treating or preventing many health problems." -- Harvard Medical Health Publication 2013

Learn an enjoyable exercise for a lifetime of active adventure!
Step out of the everyday, take the first steps on the road to a healthy longevity. Experience for yourself the accumulated wisdom of centuries with the timeless exercise of T'ai Chi.
Feel more energy, sleep better, learn to use your Tai Chi to alleviate stress, chronic aches and pains, feel better about yourself, improve your health and balance.


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T’ai Chi Project Classes and Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to meet all the current U.S. national physical activity guidelines by following the “Yang Shen” or “nurturing life” practices which date back to at least 147 B.C. Traditional Chinese Medicine principles are used to strengthen the body, promote health and cultivate the spirit.

Taking the first steps Basic community Tai Chi/Qigong classes

The T'ai Chi Project’s community classes are a permanent fixture of the Institute. Classes are run by Joe Brady and Jacqui Shumway. Members of the T'ai Chi Project are normally mature students (over 21) who take class at a variety of community locations, in Denver, Aurora, Wheatridge Englewood and Littleton.

Students learn Yang Style Long Form, T'ai Chi Chuan, through forms, T'ai Chi Qigong, and by studying the history, philosophy of the T'ai Chi Classics.
Your regular T'ai Chi class will be the focus of your training, where you will attend weekly meetings, during your time as a student. Classes are designed to provide a mutually supportive atmosphere and are at the centre of your T'ai Chi learning experience. Classes are casual and friendly, and there are many opportunities to add to your T'ai Chi experience.
The T'ai Chi Project classes offer a truly unique experience: in a small, intimate and multi-disciplinary setting, your class will provide you with the chance to establish a new circle of friends quickly, to access a range of varied social and community activities and to participate in a lively intellectual community of people committed to taking control of their health and having fun doing it.

The Road to Mastery

Becoming a T'ai chi Practitioner
In China there is a saying, “there are as many people who begin T'ai Chi as there are hairs on an ox, but only as many who master T'ai Chi as there are horns on an ox”. Taking the road to mastery, and making the decision to become a real T'ai Chi practitioner, is about making a commitment to your own health.
"If you have the three treasures- health, well being and control of your life you have something truly valuable."

Old Chinese Saying