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Community Health Education: Lectures, Classes, Keynotes

The Institute seeks to be proactive in the community and connect with local health care providers and community groups. Entertaining and inspiring... these lectures are designed to increase knowledge and motivation for participants to live a healthier more vigorous life. These presentations provide compelling, accurate information designed to inspire audiences to take greater control of their own health and increase awareness, knowledge, and participation in healthy lifestyles throughout the community.

To schedule a talk for your organization

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We would be pleased to work with you to create health promotion programs that support your organizations’ goals. We can provide tailored health promotion campaigns, keynotes, convenient lunch and learn seminars and ongoing classes.

Topics available

Living Younger Longer
Meditation in Motion: Tai Chi and Stress Relief
Exercise is Medicine
Quit smoking with Acupuncture
Own your own health: Stress and Weight reduction
Learning to Play Well with Others
Diet and Nutrition: You are what you eat
We can even help organize health fairs and CPR/First Aid training