What Participants are saying....

Results of focus groups on content for the Barefoot Doctor's Jpurnal

What participants are saying

These are the results of focus groups, interviews and lecture evaluations for the positive aging material presented in the Barefoot Doctor's Journal and public presentations.

Colorado Association for Hospital Volunteers,

5 May '14/CAHAV/Spring Conference at St Joseph Hospital had 108 registrants (Volunteers) from hospitals throughout the state. Barbara Henigsman, CAHAV Education Committee Chairperson.
What participants have to say...
So happy to see you encouraging Chinese Medicine use as well as domestic.
Great information, fantastic speaker!
Really great. He could have stayed longer!
Wonderful! Adds a few years to my life. Yes...it was that motivating. Thanks!
Lots of valuable info. Certainly makes me want to get up & move.
Very relevant-Very insightful & interactive.
Excellent speaker could listen to him all day - motivational.
Energetic, engaging presentation.
Really enjoyed the presentation & the importance of exercise. He was so right on about the lack of commitment to exercise.
You can tell he was comfortable with public speaking. A good presentation.
Very dynamic speaker.
Good presenter. Very upbeat.
Enjoyed it very much. Lots of info. & humor too!
Fascinating & very well presented..
Thanks again to my BEST speaker of the day. I greatly appreciate your taking the time to be with us!

Focus Group CU Gerontology Class Apr 13, 2012 11:07 AM
To date, this was one of the most fascinating classes. I learned so much: 1. genetics is important BUT so is nurture, 2. aging - decline over time of the fitness of an organism to deal with the stress of everyday living, 3. sitting is the new smoking, 4. attitule - the difference between helplessness and control. This is just a sampling of what I took away from the class. I have increased my exercise, am attempting to modify my diet, as do so want to take up tai chi.
I really appreciated all of the information about experiments on aging and the results that came from them. It was great to understand aging from an internal perspective of what happens to our bodies and how we can look at aging from a different viewpoint. I liked that he had us get up and do balance exercises. It's was nice to have a hands on experience that can impact what we do. I learned just how great Tai Chi is for seniors which helped solidify some of our current programming where I work.
This class offered good information regarding the importance of maintaining balance and strength as we age. It will be very useful in educating patients in fall prevention.
The exercise philosphy and holistic approach to movement was timely and quite interesting.
Importance of balance training in addition to aerobic and strength training.
Fun and functional ways to stay active.
Great speaker- very informative and engaging speaker. Tai Chi & balance- very interesting. Nice perspective on exercise and nutrition. Great use of research.
I learned that Tai Chi really is all about balance and not just some new rad in exercise. He was really informative and obviously very passionate about the topic of exercise and balance. I've gone so far to even try tai chi at home and have been made fully aware of how unbalanced I am.
By the end of the class, I was extremely motivated to learn more about Tai-chi for my husband and myself! I was not knowledgeable about Tai-chi although I knew it was recommended, in particular for older adults. His information regarding nutrition and American consumption was also very interesting and highly motivational. I plan to follow up with him about Tai-chi sessions at the Botanical Gardens this summer.
The obvious lesson was how important exercise is to helping us age well, something we all know, yet I appreciated hearing the research behind his statements. I didn't get good notes on the research, however, would be
Though the subject is one we've all heard of and know full well how important it is, I found that the studies that the speaker shared with us did a lot to reinforce what we all know. The study with the rats sinking of swimming in the pool as a result of feeling some control over their circumstances was quite enlightening! Thank you for the encouragement to pursue balance coaching. I loved it and I really get why we need it!
It was refreshing to be reminded of the benefits of exercise and diet. The focus on using one's "genetic blueprint" to his/her advantage (for longevity) was an important point. Also, I appreciated the discussion on how one's attitude toward exercise impacts follow through. The information about things that help people with physical balance (ie. using knees, vision/spotting, and light touch) was interesting as well.
There was a lot of information packed into this class and all of it was very interesting. However, I found myself discussing how beneficial Tia Chi is for seniors' strengthening and balance with my Wellness staff the next day. I appreciated having the opportunity to practice the basic stances during class and the explanation given for each of them. I am eager to start a Tia Chi program this spring for both residents and staff !
I was interested to learn statistics and definitions on exercise and movement as relates to seniors. The comparisions with the Asian population were eye- openers. The class was helpful as it was much more than " exercise is good." I appreciated that Joe got us up out of our seats to demonstrate balance. May refer to him in the future as a resource on movement, exercise and balance.
What a great reminder about the importance nutrition and exercise plays in our lives. Especially interesting was how it defines how age.