Treating Corona Virus with Traditional Chinese Medicine

February 16, 2020 Joe Brady

Top health officials in Wuhan China are combining western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine in an all-out effort to stem the outbreak of COVID-19 Corona Virus, So far treating Corona Virus with traditional Chinese medicine has shown some good results according to the new head of the health commission in Wuhan, Wang Hesheng. More than half of the patients in Wuhan have received traditional treatments in addition to western medicine. As a result, top TCM experts and 2200 TCM workers have been sent to Wuhan to help with the outbreak. No drugs or preventives have yet been approved against the virus, which has already claimed the lives of 1,523 people in China and affected about 66,500 people.

Ban Lan Gen -Isatis root is one of the strongest anti-viral herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.

One of the herbs being used to treat patients in Wuhan is one that is used to treat everything from the common cold to the flu and many other kinds of viral infections in modern China. Ban lan Gen been shown in studies to have antimicrobial effects antiparasitic affects has been used in China in the treatment of encephalitis and treatment of variety of viral disorders

Used in Chinese medicine for about 1000 years Ban lan Gen is now slated to undergo its first random control trial. The gold standard in evidence-based medicine scientists at the Guangzhou Medical University seek to study the safety and effectiveness of a treatment in this case the Ban Lan Gen will be tested for it’s efficacy in treating the flu.

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In addition to Ban lan Gen many other clear heat and toxin herbs are being used in the fight against Corona Virus. Among them other anti-viral or clear heat and toxin herbs include, Jin Yin Hua or honeysuckle and Lian Qiao or forsythia

I will find out more in the coming weeks about what herbal formulas, in particular, are being used and hopefully some results on effectiveness as scientists figure out what if anything is working against this horrible outbreak.

This may prove to be an ideal opportunity for western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine to work together to tackle public health problems in the 21st century.

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