October 7, 2018 Joe Brady

For those who participated and attended the Zhang San Feng Cultural Arts Festival this year, we are sharing this unique opportunity with all those interested…..


(To those who practice and are interested in all styles of Taiji – especially those who practice Yang and Wu family Taiji)

DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to receive information straight from the source – the root – from the village of Guang Fu – the birthplace of Wu Yu-Xiang and Yang Lu Chan, founder of Yang Taiji.

TWO DAY SEMINAR with six complete sessions. (Take just one session or sign up for the entire day or entire weekend to receive a discount!).  Receive information that will help to clarify and guide you on your journey in the internal arts.

ALL LEVELS are welcome to attend the first 4 sessions.  In addition, there will be a special 5th and 6th session – just for advanced practitioners and teachers – designed to increase your knowledge and physical ability and allow you to learn some of the more advanced stages and depths of the art for you to incorporate into your own practice and share with your students.

DR. KE ZANG is a disciple of Grandmaster Zhong Zhen Shan and also a nationally board-certified master acupuncturist and herbalist.  He’s also fluent in both English and Mandarin, so there won’t be a language barrier.  You will receive the information in a clean, clear, and precise manner.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY to receive Taiji from the root!  Sign up now!  There are discounts for early registration.  Plus – for those teachers who register 3 or more students, the teacher gets to attend the event for FREE! 

Feel free to call 720-244-3927 for additional information.
(And see the attached flyer below)

Use this link to purchase tickets in advance for a discount: