Surviving Coronavirus or COVID-19

March 16, 2020 Joe Brady

We recognize that the recent global outbreak of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has created a sense of anxiety, fear, and even panic for many people. We want to address this situation with an abundance of preparation and caution as we do not yet know exactly how this will affect us here in the Denver area. While surviving the coronavirus we also want to avoid heightening your fears. We want to do our part in preventing the spread of any infections by sharing the best information we can find and canceling all indoor Tai Chi classes and lectures and instituting strict new policies in the clinic.

“The hero makes the times and the times make the hero”

Old tai chi saying,

Don’t Panic, prepare and protect yourself and loved ones. Based on all the news coverage on COVID-19,  and due to the lack of credible and confusing information, many of you may have heightened concerns or questions. Based on what we know, at this point in time, we are dealing with a virus that has similarities to those that have come before, with many of the same issues; and public health is doing more research. It is also clear that at this point, your chances of contracting this virus in Colorado is very, very low. At the testing site at Lowery, 90% of those tested so far have had the normal flu or a really bad cold. This is the first good news we have had that only 10% of those with symptoms tested so far actually have COVID – 19. 

We all have a responsibility to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and protecting our most vulnerable folks which are not just the elderly. Actually most of the deaths have come in folks with cardiovascular disease as well as diabetics, respiratory problems, and high blood pressure. which is why we are canceling our classes for the foreseeable future. The clinic will remain open but under strict precautions see below. 

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Indoors Tai Chi Classes Suspended

We hope you are doing well at a time that has left many of us asking a lot of questions.
Jacqui and I have determined that for the safety of everyone in our Tai Chi program as it relates to the COVID-19, we need to suspend inside gatherings (except for Saturdays from 8 am – 9:15 am) at Park Hill United Methodist, First Plymouth, Montview Presbyterian and Aurora Center for Active Adults until March 29th.  OLLI classes will not meet until September.
We are doing our best to not contribute to the further spread of the virus, but since Tai Chi practice adds to healing and disease prevention, some of you may want to meet with us for safe Tai Chi practice outside of Park Hill Methodist from 8 am-9:15 am on the Montview Blvd. front lawn. (We may move across Montview to Forest Parkway.) As always, please be sure and stay home if you feel you may have been exposed to anything contagious.
Everyone is trying to make the best decisions to keep us all healthy and safe. We are lucky to live in a time with a lot of technology, so we will be sending you some of the best Traditional Chinese Medicine updates combined with western approaches from health officials.

CALL/TEXT Jacqui 303-725-7482 if you want to get together and do the form during regularly scheduled class times, weather permitting.

The clinic will be open, so call Joe at 303-744-7676 if you need to schedule an appointment.

The Clinic is open but…

We are planning to continue clinic operations for the time being following the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE), Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

We are implementing increased hygiene, safety, and security measures that will include after-hours sanitation of the carpets and rooms. In addition, all human contact surfaces are being wiped down frequently each day.

In addition anyone exhibiting cold/flu like signs and symptoms including; shortness of breath, fever, cough, please stay home.  If you have just returned from recent international or domestic travel, Please cancel your appointment.  We will send you home if we have concerns. If you are over the age of 60 or at high risk, please call in advance so we can determine if you are placing yourself at more risk by getting treatment.  Herbs, etc, will be available and we can make arrangements for you to pick them up. (more below)

This is a dynamic, evolving and rapidly changing situation.  We are monitoring all channels of information, guidance, and input with the intention to make the best decisions based upon the most current information. 

Thank you!

  Clinic Screening and Cleaning

We will continue to practice proper CNT-Universal precautions protocol. We will wipe down the clinic waiting area and treatment rooms after each patient. 

We will ask you to wash your hands when you enter the clinic and before you leave.

If you do fall ill

In conjunction with encouraging anyone with symptoms to call their doctor and follow medical advice we do have the herbs necessary to treat this COVID-19.

If you do fall ill call me at 303 744-7676 and we can make arrangements for you to pick up herbs or even if necessary to deliver them to you. We will provide herbs at cost we are not looking to profit from this. See the followup article on what herbs are being used and what evidence there is as to the effectiveness of TCM approaches.

Survival Tips 

We are recommending that folks follow the social distancing guidelines.

Avoid large groups of people.

Traveling is probably not a good idea right now unless you absolutely have to.

Definitely stay off of cruise ships.

Go shopping early in the morning when no one is there and the employees have just finished cleaning.

Wash you hands

How to wash your hands 

For fun!
Singing the ABCs and Happy Birthday is getting OLD at our house. So Penn took it upon himself to give you some new handwashing parodies to sing for 20 seconds. Whatever gets you through the day, right? “


What to Know Before Making Your Own DIY Sanitizer

Just remember—sanitizer is not a substitute for washing your hands.

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Mental Health and Coping During COVID19

                -information for yourself, parents, responders, and those released from quarantine

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope With the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (PDF ,144KB)
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Five Ways to View Coverage of the Coronavirus


1.    1. Keep things in perspective. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that the number of confirmed infections in the U.S. is extremely low. The fact that there is a great deal of news coverage on this issue does not necessarily mean that it presents any threat to you or your family.

2.    2. Get the facts. It is helpful to adopt a more clinical and curious approach as you follow news reports about the virus. To that end, you will want to find a credible source you can trust. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a webpage dedicated to information on the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. You may also find useful information from local or state public health agencies or even your family physician.

3.    3. Communicate with your children.  Discuss the news coverage of the coronavirus with honest and age-appropriate information. Parents can also help allay distress by focusing children on routines and schedules. Remember that children will observe your behaviors and emotions for cues on how to manage their own feelings during this time.

4.    4. Keep connected.  Maintaining social networks can foster a sense of normality and provide valuable outlets for sharing feelings and relieving stress. Feel free to share useful information you find on governmental websites with your friends and family. It will help them deal with their own anxiety.

5.    5. Seek additional help.  Individuals who feel an overwhelming nervousness, a lingering sadness, or other prolonged reactions that adversely affect their job performance or interpersonal relationships should consult with a trained and experienced mental health professional. Psychologists and other appropriate mental health providers can help people deal with extreme stress. These professionals work with individuals to help them find constructive ways to manage adversity.


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