On Keeping Your Guard Up

October 18, 2020 Joe Brady

It’s late in the sixth round. Nine more rounds to go yet the fighter is already tired, exhausted in fact. Little by little his right hand begins to lower. Seems o.k., haven’t been hit on that side and he does so need to rest. The coach yells from the corner to “keep your guard up” yet fatigue seems to get the better of him and that’s when the opponent strikes delivering the knockout blow. In traditional Chinese medicine there are many martial metaphors when it comes to fighting pandemic diseases. Apparently the metaphor of the tired fighter letting his guard down is being missed around the country. We are all sick and tired of the whole coronavirus thing, yet we cannot let the fact that we are all so tired that we end up getting sick after all this effort to stay safe. So we need to remind everyone to not let your guard down we have nine more rounds to go to win this fight. For at least the next six months we are going to have to get used to living with the precautions that have been proven effective against this pandemic.

The City of Denver is trying to get ahead of the “corona fatigue”. More and more people are letting their guard down and infection numbers are alarmingly rising, as they are all around the country. We all need to redouble our efforts and there is no better way to reinforce the necessary safety steps than to get everybody, everywhere, wearing masks. This is mostly for behavioral purposes. In behavior change research the only number the human brain really understands is “0”. Nuances about when and where to be socially distant and when to wear masks is lost on people, it quickly degenerates into not doing what we all know we need to do to lower the death rate from this virus.

Read on in this article to see

  • City of Denver’s new regulations
  • What to do if you do get sick, according to the Mayo clinic
  • How to tell COVID, Common Cold and Flu apart. (John’s Hopkins)

City and county of Denver Current Regulations from Mayor Hancock

Denver’s COVID cases are continuing to head in the wrong direction. In case you missed today’s live COVID-19 update, here are key points you may have missed:

So, today, we are issuing two public health orders as additional steps to get this infection rate increase back under control.

The first public health order is a tougher mask mandate that will require face coverings in more settings, and will be effective immediately and be in place until further notice. 

• Face coverings will be required in outdoor settings where distancing between people from different households is not possible

o Does not apply to people when they are by themselves or when with members of the same household.

o Exemption for organized youth and adult sports provided they have plan in place that addresses certain protective measures and provided they don face coverings when not actively playing/practicing.

The second order will address the number of non-related people allowed to gather in unregulated settings, reducing that number from 10 to five, and will be in effect until November 16th.

• Revised to reduce the number of people allowed to gather together from 10 to five.

o Affects employment and recreation settings, EXCEPT those other settings specifically addressed in State Public Health Order will not change.

10 people can still eat at a table in a restaurant.

10 people can still participate in guided recreation activities, etc. 

There are more protective measures in place in those specific settings.

o Order does affect personal gatherings at homes

If there are 3 people who live in a household, they can only gather with 2 additional people for a total of 5.

What to do if you get sick: Advice from the Mayo Clinic

Treating COVID-19 at home: Care tips for you and others

Treating COVID-19 at home: Care tips for you and others

Providing care at home for a person sick with COVID-19? Or caring for yourself at home? Understand when emergency care is needed and what you can do to prevent the spread of infection.


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