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October 20, 2019 Joe Brady

In one of the largest studies ever done on physical activity and aging, researchers analyzed the physical activity of 36,383 older adults in Britain, the U.S., and Europe. Reporting in the British Medical Journal the researchers found that every little bit of physical activity we get can make a big difference in the risk of dying at any age. Any activity, no matter how modest, can improve function and reduce health risks. The greatest gains were seen in people that went from being sedentary to getting off the couch for at least one hour per day. These findings provide clear scientific evidence that higher levels of total physical activity, regardless of intensity level, and reducing sedentary time are associated with a lower risk for premature death, and it’s dose-related, the more you do the better you get with the biggest benefits going to those who at least get started doing something. Read on to get more information on the latest recommendations for exercising properly with particular health concerns.

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Exercise and the Blues

“The evidence of the use of physical activity and exercise for the management of depression is substantial and growing fast,” said study authors Felipe Barretto Schuch, from the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil, and Brendon Stubbs, from King’s College London.

Unfortunately, many physicians too often do not prescribe physical activity as a treatment for depression even though the evidence shows it may be more effective than medications in the long run.

In one review study, the researchers analyzed 49 studies that included a total of nearly 267,000 people and concluded that physical activity reduces the risk of depression by 17%, after adjustment for other factors.

They also examined another 25 studies that included a total of nearly 1,500 people with depression and found that physical activity had a “very large and significant antidepressant effect,” according to the report.

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A series on today’s most common chronic conditions and their exercise prescriptions

Exercise is Medicine® created the Rx for Health series to provide essential guidelines on exercise for sedentary individuals and those with various chronic diseases and medical conditions. An extensive group of ACSM subject matter experts (including research scientists and clinicians) contributed to the development of this series.

These handouts are designed to be used by health care providers and exercise professionals to support their physical activity recommendations to patients/clients. Each handout can printed and given to a patient or scanned into the electronic health record (EHR) to be added to the after-visit summary (AVS). 

We hope these materials will support your efforts to guide and inspire your patients and clients to become more physically active and achieve the numerous benefits associated with an active lifestyle.

Foundational Exercise Rx 

Exercise Rx for Medical Conditions

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