Medical Qi Gong and Cancer

November 25, 2017 Joe Brady

Living life with Cancer

The earliest records of cancer treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine appear in the oracle bone scriptures (16-11th century B.C.). Since that time Traditional Chinese Medicine has developed many therapies that work quite well in conjunction with western medical treatments. This cancer tutorial will show you several medical Qi Gong approaches to helping the patient become an active participant in their own healing.

The Bing Ji: What is going on ?

Cancer is part of life. According to the late Nobel Prize winning tumor biologist B. P. Medawar, the average person gets cancer at least a half a million times in their life. The development of cancer has multiple causes and play’s out over many years. Pinning the blame on a single cause is proving problematic even for modern science, and Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes that all the various risk factors interact in complex way’s over many years to create the conditions for cancer to appear. The various factors involved include;

Harm from inside –

Psychological/emotional and stress factors as well as genetic and inherited, constitutional factors.

Affliction from outside –

Heat, Cold, Toxic Damp, Phlegm, Environmental factors, Toxins pollution, Chemical, biological, viruses. In order to stay healthy there must be a free flow of communication between mind and body, there must be a free flow of circulation of Qi and blood for the immune system to keep the body free of cancer cells and other disease. The various risk factors for cancer create a blockage of the free flow of Qi and Blood. This blockage creates areas where the Qi and blood stagnate, as the stagnation persists the area becomes separated from the rest of the body and begins to take on a life of it’s own.

Medical Qi Gong and Self Help

Meditation & Deep Breathing & Sound Resonance

Divine Healing Light Meditation, Qi gong helps some patients develop an awareness of the spiritual aspects of their life. Qi gong may or may not change the outcome of a disease but it can help reframe the feelings of fear, despair and grief to a sense of coming to peace with the realities of life and disease. This sense of being at peace can allow the patient to face the inevitable without fear and pain.

Healing sounds for cancer therapy

Fire – Zheng (jang)
Earth – Gong
Metal – Shang
Water – Yu
Wood – Guo

Exercise & Tai Chi Walking

Walking, bicycling, swimming and other low-impact exercises. Start slowly and gradually progress the time of your activity up to about 20 minutes, take frequent breaks during activity when needed.

Harmonizing the Qi (a.k.a.Opening and Closing the Three Dan Tians)

Start with Nourishing Qi breathing

Breathe in – visualize condensing the right Qi infinitely smaller into the dan tien.
Exhale – visualize dark turbid evil Qi exiting through the pores.

Rock the center & Open and Close the hands

Upper dan tien (Sun Lu Tang style Index finger pointed at nose)
Middle dan tien & Universal post (Yang Style like hugging a tree)
Lower dan tien hands pointed down or at center.
As you breathe in visualize ascending the clear yang Qi that guards against pathogenic evils and protects the body, up from the feet to the upper dan tien. On exhale visualize descending the turbid yin Qi down through the feet.

Tai Chi Walking & Raising the Toes

Tai Chi walking with the toes raised and the heel touching and rocking to open the heel vessels.
Regulate the Qi
Hand swings from heart Ren 17 to Gall bladder 30 – strengthens whole body, yin & yang Qi and Wei Qi, immune Qi.
Tonify Lungs & Wei Qi
Touch index finger (shangyang Li.1 & shao shang Lu. 11)