Cultivating the Mind

May 25, 2020 Joe Brady

During this time of COVID induced isolation we can do a lot of sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves or we can take the mind away from its troubles and learn something new. At the very least it can pass the time in a productive way and at best we can actually improve our minds and learn something new. In this article, you will find access to Oxford University’s Department of Continuing Educations best picks for on-line learning opportunities for free from the University of Oxford. Also, find a host of great Ted talks to improve your mind during these mind-numbing times.

Keep your brain active with free online resources, as recommended by tutors and staff at Oxford.

Visit the world’s museums, libraries, language centres and more – and give your brain a workout – all from your own home. Compiled by academics and staff of Oxford Continuing Education, these freely available educational resources will help entertain you during challenging times.

Oxford Camera

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Curious Minds: Explore Explore museums, libraries, archives, articles, and more all from your own home with these free, open-access collections and resources.

Curious Minds: Enjoy Sit back, relax, and enjoy a wide range of performances, lectures, audiobooks, essays and more – all free and online.

Curious Minds: Have a go Hands-on free learning resources and activities to keep your brain active.

Curious Minds PodcastCurious Minds: a lifelong learning podcast featuring short talks from the academic staff of Oxford’s Department for Continuing Education.

3400+ Ted talks to stir your curiosity

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