Cheer Up! Life is Good and Getting Better all the Time

June 2, 2019 Joe Brady

We live in a world of six billion people. Every day enough bad stuff is going to happen to fill the evening news. This gives people a very distorted view of reality. In reality, Life is Good! We are currently living in the most peaceful, non-violent, prosperous times in all of human history and almost nobody knows about it.

Suffering from historical amnesia and media-driven myopia most people today are certain that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and that idea is utterly false. Every measurable indicator of violence has declined dramatically in the last few centuries and these declines have accelerated in the last fifty years. Murder rates in the 1200s were 100 times what they are today. Similarly, wars, genocide, and child abuse have declined dramatically and. Prosperity is up, people are getting smarter and more importantly, social scientists have a pretty good idea of why. The fact is that for the first time in world history we might be able to truly give peace a chance and evolve ourselves into more than just chimpanzees.

News got you down? Fear not, Harvard professor tells U.N., the world really is getting better

Harvard professor of psychology Steven Pinker addresses the inaugural Presidential Lecture of the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations in New York,  May 21, 2019. “People are getting not just healthier, richer, and safer, but freer,” he said, but “they are also becoming more literate, knowledgeable, and smarter.” see

Watch the Ted Talk by Steven Pinker and cheer up!

Listen to the evidence and see for yourself