Allergies and the Winds of Spring

May 6, 2018 Joe Brady

Tips from the “Yellow Emperor’s Medicine Cabinet” Allergies and the Winds of Spring

“The three months of Spring are the season for renewal. 
With everything flourishing, the world is full of life.
To accord with the season, go to bed a little later, and get up a little earlier.
 Be patient and let things grow. Go for a stroll in the courtyard, loosen your hair, relax your body and freshen your mind.
 Enjoy the season and do not do anything harmful to your health. This is the way to cultivate the Qi of Life in Spring.

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Internal Medicine

Springtime is the season of change, growth and unfortunately allergies.

As the weather changes in springtime, the cold, crisp temperatures at dawn meet the increasingly warmer air of daytime. The resulting imbalance generates the winds of spring and unfortunately allergies.
 Stress, a poor diet or ill health, together with the winds of change blowing all sorts of pollen, dust, and pollution into our faces and hair, creates an enormous challenge to our “Wei Qi ” or immune function. If the irritant laden “ill wind” is stronger than the Wei Qi’s ability to determine friend from foe; The result is known as allergies.

 Allergic Rhinitis usually occurs in springtime and Perrenial Rhinitis refers to allergies that occur all year round. In western biomedicine, the approach toward allergies is to take drugs that block the production of histamines. We also seek to remove the irritant from the environment or remove the sufferer from the environment. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the approach to allergies is a little different. Instead of using drugs that dry you out but leave the allergy in place, the idea in Traditional Chinese medicine is to use herbs like magnolia flowers, patchouli flowers, chrysanthemum flowers, basically flowers that the Chinese noticed over centuries that re-educate the immune system to not react to pollens. Immunocompetance requires exposure to allergens, in this case, pollens of relatively innocuous flowers. Little by little over days or weeks using the herbs the immune system learns not to react to other pollens. At that point, the allergy is usually gone for the season.

A number of useful tips include:

Wash your hair

After spending any significant time outside on a windy day in spring, your clothing and hair are filled with the dust and pollen. Wash your hair at night so you do not roll in it on your pillow all night long…  and wake up sneezing your head off. Washing your hair before you go to bed can significantly reduce the load of irritants your Wei Qi has to counter.

Grasping and Shaking a Fish

Yu Yao or Fish Midline is an acupuncture point directly in the center of your eyebrow. Press this point nine times as you exhale slowly, then grasp the point and shake gently nine times as you breathe in. This will open up the sinuses allowing hem to drain, relieving stuffiness and preventing a possible sinus infection. This point can also help relieve the red itchy eyes that go with allergies… much like scratching a mosquito bite by rubbing around it so as not to irritate it further.

Magnolia Flower Tea

Magnolia flowers, Xin Yi Hua        2 grams
Perilla Leaf Zi Su Ye            6 grams
Grind into powder and place in a gauze bag (tea bag). Add boiling water and let soak 5-10 minutes. Drink as tea.

Pe Min Kan Wan

Patent herbal formula available in pills or tea.
Counteracts allergy, relieves inflammation, expels pathogenic wind from the body surface. Farfun Peiminkamwan is based on a popular remedy and made from specific ingredients extracted from valuable and natural medicines by sophisticated processes. The results of years of clinical testing show that this preparation is remarkably effective in the treatment of various types of rhinitis and has no side effect.

Seasonal Allergies

Wind-Heat,  Red Itchy Eyes, Sneezing violently

Red Eyes = Yu Yao acupuncture point in the center of the eyebrow.

Bi Tong (nasal passage) acupuncture point on either side of the nose

Cupping the Umbilicus for 10 days to cure

Lung Qi Stagnation “Detox Pathogenic evil”

“irritant = irritation” = Liver Qi Stagnation leads to Spleen Qi Deficiency

The body makes an exaggerated response to antigens when we are doing something we don’t want to do.

Lu 7, Du 23, Yin Tang, Bi tong, Li20, Ashi Pts

Herbal formulas

Cang Er Zi San, Bi YUan Pian

Yu Ping Feng San for chronic allergies as it tonifies Wei Qi (immunocompetence)

Pei Min Kan Wan

Ki Deficiency Chronic allergies + Low Back pain = Ki Deficiency 

Add Lu Rong (deer antler) to any of these for Ki Deficiency

Qi Gong can improve immunocompetency make allergies go away

Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Help!

A Traditional Chinese Medical professional can help with acupuncture able to effectively relieve the symptoms and special Chinese herbal formulas, used for centuries to finish off the allergies season, in a few days instead of weeks.

•    Acupuncture really helps get relief from the symptoms, so if you are miserable with your allergies, get into the clinic and get treated.

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