A Gift of Lifelong Learning from Oxford

December 4, 2019 Joe Brady
For all of you that are helping make this a healthier world, Joe and Jacqui would like to pass along to you this very special gift of Lifelong Learning this holiday season. Keep your mind sharp and feed your curiosity. While the weather outside is frightful, explore these world-class resources for lifelong learners.
Discover something new every day in December!
The 2019 edition of the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education’s Festive Countdown Calendar contains thirty-one days of free, online learning – enough to take you right up to the new year. Fun, interactive, educational resources, picked for you by the academics and staff at Oxford Continuing Education.

Please accept our thanks for being part of Oxford Continuing Education’s community of learning – a community that spans more than 160 countries worldwide. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful festive season and an educationally enriching new year.
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Oxford Continuing Education: Festive Countdown Calendar 2019

Our gift to you: each day during the month of December, explore free, educational online resources – as recommended by staff at Oxford Continuing Education. Thirty-one days of free learning, to take you right up to the new year! A new door will open every day in December, after which it will never close. Can’t wait? Then take a look back at our previous Festive Calendars which are all still open for you to enjoy. Please forward this page to friends, using the share buttons provided below.