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March 26, 2017
Joe Brady

Community Health Promotion Can Work

Community Health Promotion Can Work… It takes a long time, but ‘Yes We Can’ create healthier communities!

by Jacqui Shumway

In 2005, I was asked to become a part of a community health promotion project attempting to promote healthy lifestyles in the my economically diverse Park Hill Denver neighborhood. The “Park Hill Thriving Communities Summary Report Progress and Accomplishments 2006-2011” was released in 2012 and shows that community based programs can be effective in increasing physical activity and healthier lifestyles over the long haul.  A recent discussion on a neighborhood social media site made me realize now many of my new neighbors do not know the history of efforts to make Park Hill the thriving and vibrant community it is today.


March 20, 2017
Joe Brady

Weight Loss and Overcoming Metabolic Resistance Part 2.

“A disease of prosperity, obesity, threatens to overwhelm our health care system.”

Weight loss, need not be the hardship most people perceive it to be. Changing your lifestyle can also be reframed as an adventure in active healthy living.
Life is Qi! Life is energy! Calories are just a measurement of energy and the fact is that to be successful at weight loss the energy going into the system (calories) must be less than or at least match the energy going out (exercise). Regular enjoyable physical activity, combined with a delicious but sensible diet can help you burn calories, reduce fat, and lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. (more…)

March 13, 2017
Joe Brady

Why is it so hard to lose weight? Part 1.

Metabolic Resistance and why it is so hard to lose weight.
by Joseph Brady

The concept of metabolic set point is a crucial element in the battle against obesity and allows us to understand why it is so hard to lose weight. Our metabolic set point is the point at which our metabolism settles into a balance between energy going into the system and the energy being used by the system. It is defined as the weight at which you have maintained most of your life when you neither are overeating nor under eating. At this point of balance, the body will create great resistance to further weight loss as a defense against starvation. (more…)

March 6, 2017
Joe Brady

The Supreme Ultimate Exercise

T’ai Chi Ch’uan or Tai Chi for short can be literally translated as “The Supreme Ultimate Exercise.

The oldest medical book in the world is the 5000-year-old Yellow Emperor’s Classic it states: “It is the inferior doctor who waits for the patient to become ill. The superior doctor seeks to cultivate health and prevent disease.

With over 250,000 deaths each year directly attributable to a lack of exercise, the Surgeon General’s office reports that “sedentary living habits clearly constitute a major public health problem.” In addition to deaths, the lack of physical activity causes billions of dollars in health care costs due to preventable disease, disability and loss of independence. Much of this would be entirely avoidable if more people included healthy levels of physical activity in their daily lives. The Supreme Ultimate Exercise of Tai Chi may well be the antidote for a stressful modern world.


February 27, 2017
Joe Brady

Stress Hardiness vs. Helplessness

by Joseph Brady

Watch the video

The molecular biology of mind/body healing. A talk by Herbert Bensen founder of the Mind/body  clinic at Harvard Medical School and author of The Relaxation Response.

Life is change, and how we cope with change determines
if we thrive on it or if we are overcome by it. Stress Hardiness vs. Helplessness is a learned response and we can take control of how we face stress. As we age, change quickly accelerates. Friends pass away, children grow up, once easy tasks become increasingly difficult. Yet when we look around at the many people that experience these same changes, some people seem to thrive on those changes while others seem to buried by them. (more…)