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September 17, 2016
Joe Brady

Olympic Media brings new attention to Cupping Therapy…

Olympic Media brings new attention to Cupping Therapy…

Here’s a quick note on cupping therapy concerning our current Olympic athletes. This past weekend I noticed an online article covering the 2016 Olympics in Rio. I like how the press is making out that cupping is a “new” therapy. We have used it in Chinese Medicine since 400 A.D. Not me personally, of course, I’m not that old yet! However, I do use cupping therapy quite a bit in Clinic. (more…)
September 1, 2016
Joe Brady

Disease Prevention Strategies at Oxford

Prevention Strategies for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
12 – 17 March 2017

NCDs are the leading cause of death globally. In 2012 they cause 68% of all deaths (38 million) up from 60% in 2000.[1] About half were under age 70 and half were women.[2] Risk factors such as a person’s background, lifestyle and environment increase the likelihood of certain NCDs.  This is a unique opportunity to learn disease prevention strategies collaborating with some of the world’s top experts. (more…)