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January 8, 2017
Joe Brady

Chinese Medicine and the Common Cold

Common Cold and Flu

Joe Brady M.S.T.C.M., L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

“Clinical studies have shown that Traditional Chinese Medicine can be a very effective approach to preventing the common cold and flu. By strengthening the body’s natural healing abilities we can enhance the immune system and resistance to disease.” (more…)
January 3, 2017
Joe Brady

Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion

By Joe Brady and Jacqui Shumway

“T’ai-chi is often described as meditation in motion,”but it might well be called medication in motion.
There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice … has value in treating or preventing many health problems.”
– Harvard Medical Health Publication 2013


December 8, 2016
Joe Brady

Oxford Study Lectures Winter 2017

Bridging the gap between world class research, and local community health promotion in Colorado

The Institute seeks to be proactive in the community and connect with local health care providers and community groups. Entertaining and inspiring these lectures are designed to increase knowledge and motivation for participants to live a healthier more vigorous life.
This season we will be conducting a series of lectures for various groups around town including the Olli program at the University of Denver.

Topics include:

  • Pathways to Wisdom: Healthy Aging in Mind, Body and Spirit

  • How to Relieve Pain and Stay Healthy Naturally

  • Meditation in Motion: The Art and Science of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

  • Exercise is Medicine: How to Treat, Relieve and Prevent Common Ailments


Help sponsor a program in your community

Sponsors provide space, promotion and pay for printing and the speaker honorarium. Low income organizations can request assistance and larger organizations are asked to contribute what they can.


December 8, 2016
Joe Brady

Evidence-based health care at Oxford

Postgraduate part-time courses and training in evidence-based health care

Led by internationally recognised experts and leaders in evidence-based practice and education, the Programme has received worldwide recognition for the quality of its teaching and graduates.
Our mission is to develop students to influence and improve health care practice through our world-class programme in evidence-based health care. Part-time postgraduate courses devised to be undertaken by those in full-time employment.

For healthcare professionals and researchers, for example:

  • doctors, nurses, clinical researchers
  • healthcare managers, health information specialists
  • medical journalists, professionals in health-related industries


November 28, 2016
Joe Brady

Staying Healthy in Winter

Advice from the “Yellow Emperor’s Classic”

“The philosophy of Winter is one of stillness and conservation. During winter, lakes and rivers freeze, snow falls, all creatures in nature hibernate to some extent, and so should we. Retire early to bed and sleep in later. Get up with the sunrise. Desires and focus on your troubles should be kept quiet and subdued as if keeping a happy secret. Stay warm, avoid the cold and especially, avoid sweating and then going out in the cold. All this is in harmony with the Qi of Winter, and all this is the method of protecting ones stillness and conservation.”

(Huang Di Nei Jing Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Internal Medicine)