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June 9, 2019
Joe Brady

Arthritis Breaking a Vicious Cycle

For the more than 40 million Americans with Arthritis, Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a safe, natural and effective way to alleviate pain and prevent further damage. Learn to relieve aches & pains without drugs. According to the Mayo Clinic, a number of alternative medicine treatments can provide considerable relief.

Bing Ji – what is going on ?

Bi syndrome is the Chinese word for arthritis. It means painful obstruction syndrome. Whenever there is a blockage in the free flow of Qi (in this case nerve pain) or in the free flow of blood (in this case actual damage to the tissues) there is painful obstruction.

June 2, 2019
Joe Brady

Cheer Up! Life is Good and Getting Better all the Time

We live in a world of six billion people. Every day enough bad stuff is going to happen to fill the evening news. This gives people a very distorted view of reality. In reality, Life is Good! We are currently living in the most peaceful, non-violent, prosperous times in all of human history and almost nobody knows about it.

Suffering from historical amnesia and media-driven myopia most people today are certain that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket and that idea is utterly false. Every measurable indicator of violence has declined dramatically in the last few centuries and these declines have accelerated in the last fifty years. Murder rates in the 1200s were 100 times what they are today. Similarly, wars, genocide, and child abuse have declined dramatically and. Prosperity is up, people are getting smarter and more importantly, social scientists have a pretty good idea of why. The fact is that for the first time in world history we might be able to truly give peace a chance and evolve ourselves into more than just chimpanzees.

May 27, 2019
Joe Brady

Mediterranean Diet to Reduce Heart Disease

Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds (Research) Event Date: June 4th, 2019

Mediterranean Diet
to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease and Other Chronic Diseases of Aging

The Mediterranean diet has been associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) events but the precise mechanisms through which Mediterranean diet intake may reduce long-term risk of CVD are not well understood.

Using a prospective study of over 25,000 initially healthy women enrolled in the BWH/HMS Women’s Health Study, who were followed up to 12-years, Dr. Mora evaluated potential mediating effects of a panel of biomarkers that represent different CVD pathways and clinical factors.

Women consuming a Mediterranean-type diet had up to a quarter reduction in CVD events over long-term follow-up. Dr. Mora will present the research. Watch the livestream of the lecture.

May 20, 2019
Joe Brady

Women’s Health Issues

As one of my teachers in Chinese medical school told me “women are complicated.” Women’s biology allows for the miracle of childbirth but also creates many women’s health issues that are unique to or simply more prevalent in women. In recent years research into integrative medicine approaches have found good evidence that many health issues unique to women respond well to alternative, low tech approaches. For instance studies have found that acupuncture reduced the frequency and severity of hot flashes without the risk associated with hormone replacement therapy. A 2012 research review of 13 clinical trials suggested that cranberry may help reduce the risk of UTIs in certain groups, including women with recurrent UTIs, children, and people who use cranberry-containing products more than twice daily. Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation and vitamin D, have been shown to be helpful in fibromyalgia and Acupuncture may help relieve osteoarthritis pain. Participating in tai chi may also improve pain, stiffness, and joint function in people with knee osteoarthritis. Qi gong may have similar benefits, but less research has been done on it.

May 13, 2019
Joe Brady

Integrative Medicine and Knee Pain

About 18% of Americans report chronic knee pain. Recent research at NCCIH shows that several mind/body approaches in integrative medicine can be effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis in the knee. Acupuncture, T’ai Chi and massage therapy offer a safe, natural and effective way to alleviate knee pain and prevent further damage. Learn to relieve your own aches & pains without drugs.