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April 5, 2020
Joe Brady

How to Kill Coronavirus

We are being hunted. The Coronavirus has some pretty potent strategies for finding itself new hosts to infect. It’s time for the hunted to become the hunter. They say “the best defense is a good offense” and it’s time humans began to seriously fight back. Instead of cowering in the face of Coronavirus, we need to reframe the ordeal and go on offense. Scientists know what kills the damn thing lets all go on the attack and get after it. It is easy to become overwhelmed by this pandemic it seems so unreal, but in actual reality, every person can help slow down the spread of COVID-19. By each of us doing our part, we can make a big difference to our own health, and that of others around us.

#1 Most powerful anti-corona technique is to starve the damn thing

We know that coronavirus likes to infect new hosts by being in close proximity to crowds of new hosts to infect. Social distancing is the name we give to public health measures designed to starve the virus into extinction. By denying it new victims to infect the virus will die out. This is ultimately how any infection from SARS, MERS, and even the Black Plague were eradicated, in the end, this is how we will defeat this enemy.

for more, see this bit from John’s Hopkins Medicine

March 30, 2020
Joe Brady

Unmasking the Myth/ The Masking of America

34 studies summarize – Wearing masks prevents the spread of disease

Social Responsibility begins with social distancing and continues with Community Masking

China Shipping One Million Masks to the US

White House Airlifts Medical Supplies From China in Coronavirus Fight

Officials have teamed up with medical supply companies to speed the arrival of masks, gloves, gowns and other goods. Do it Yourself Masks Actually Do Work

DIY masks would help a lot.

Look at Hong Kong, Mongolia, South Korea, and Taiwan, all of which have Covid-19 largely under control. They are all in close proximity to China and have extensive commercial and social ties with China. None of them have had to resort to a lockdown. China’s Wuhan province got a late start in dealing with the virus so by the time people were aware of the pandemic it was too late to stop. However once China realized what they were dealing with and once everyone did start wearing masks the numbers started to level off. The Chinese consider the masks as an important part of preventing the spread of the virus in the community. In countries, hit hard by the SARS respiratory virus outbreak in 2002 and 2003, everyone is wearing masks in public.

Countries that encouraged the wearing of masks like Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan, have a flatter curve.

March 29, 2020
Joe Brady

Stay Positive, Stay Active, Be Safe, Be Smart

We hope this finds you safe and well. As we all work on trying to survive this historic calamity we will send you the best information we can find from around the world.

Dr. Fauci Answers Trevor Noah’s Questions

In case you all have not seen this excellent Interview…Take 13 minutes and listen to the four answers.
Thank you, Trevor, for your poignant questions… and for giving Dr. Fauci an excuse to laugh. 🤪
Thank you to Dr. Fauci for helping us get through this.☯️🙏

Coronavirus self-checker v 2.0

You cannot diagnose yourself, having said that, here is an online self-checker from the CDC, you can look at these to see if it’s time to call your Doctor.

In order to improve upon the CDC’s Coronavirus self-checker, the CDC has teamed up with Apple Computer to create an online Self-Screening tool that people can use.

See the Website @

Navigating Challenging Times with Scientifically Sound Resources

March 23, 2020
Joe Brady

Caution and Clarity

Apologies for sending excessive emails, but we are trying our best to provide the best and most accurate information we can find. To clarify a few things about our last post and to provide some caution and clarity observations from Dr. Kathryn Hallsten, MD.

The self-checker was never intended to be a substitute for the social distancing, proper hygiene, or physician’s advice. The Coronavirus self-checker is from the CDC’s own website. The self-checker disclaimer states: “This system does not replace the judgment of healthcare professionals or the performance of any clinical assessment.”

Note that Jacqui had compiled a better way to say this on 3/12/20 and our computer (or possibly us) posted a working draft instead of our current recommendations.

Here you go, and DO forward this to friends and family!

Updated 3/12/20  LYLI, Barefoot Doctors’ Journal

These are good practices every day, but cannot make-up for reducing exposure and hand-washing.

1. WATER~ Don’t wait until you are ill, but especially if you do feel ill you should drink lots of fluids, and most importantly wash your hands often.

2. BREATHE~ Do every morning (we call Chi Breathing.) Best if done in an environment with clean air. 

Fully empty your lungs, relax your diaphragm, take a deep breath for as long as you can, hold for 3 seconds then breathe out as slowly as possible. You should complete this successfully without coughing, discomfort, stuffiness or tightness.

If you notice any difficulty breathing call your doctor and seek medical advice.

Note that if your breathing is fine you may still be carrying the virus so follow all the recommendations for social distancing.

CDC’S recommendation is that if you are having any difficulty breathing, you should call your doctor.

3. REDUCE ANXIETY~ Hopefully, these practices will do just that.

~ Please share this with family & friends. 

Call me, Jacqui Shumway, if you need to talk. 303-725-7482

Commentary and resources from Dr. Kathryn Hallsten, MD 

“This is not a time for false security or comfort.”

March 23, 2020
Joe Brady

Coronavirus self-checker

You cannot diagnose yourself, having said that, here is a list of symptoms from Stanford Medical Center and an online sea-checker from the CDC, you can look at these to see if it’s time to call your Doctor.

First, some good news: What we are doing might just work

Check out this graph of projections for new Coronavirus infections under three conditions. One with no restrictions, one with some restrictions and the most hopeful if we institute severe restrictions.

CDC offers online triage for coronavirus testing

An online bot nicknamed Clara is acting as triage for healthcare providers in the US as demand for coronavirus testing continues to surge.