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September 8, 2019
Joe Brady

The Tao of Integrative Medicine

There is an old Chinese saying “There are a thousand way’s to the top of mount Tai”. Just as there are a thousand way’s to a healthy lifestyle. Human beings are each as different as their fingerprints and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle is likely to be just as varied. This creates real problems for the scientific research into the effectiveness of these approaches. There are just too many variables. A person who takes up yoga does not just do yoga. They start eating better, maybe even become a vegetarian. A tai chi practitioner will start walking more as their balance improves. One private company, A Place for Mom, analyzed 100 interviews with people who lived until at least 100 years old. They found that what the centenarians attributed their longevity to was highly variable. Only 25 percent followed traditional health advice, such as eating a healthy diet, 29 percent didn’t. Some centenarians swear that whiskey (for medicinal purposes only of course) was the secret and many others never drank.

Here is the top ten list according to the study:

September 1, 2019
Joe Brady

Mid-Autumn Festival

September 13th 5-10- PM 333 South Federal Blvd. Hosted by Far East Center and Walk Denver

Mid Autumn Lantern Festival

Join us for Denver’s first Mid-Autumn festival at the Far East Center. An evening of fun, food and celebration. Lion Dancing, cultural festivities and Denver’s best street food from around the world.

Fan and lantern dances, Aztec dancers, Vietnamese singers

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the largest festivals in Asia. The festival is a celebration of the moon and it is a time to reconnect with family members. Dating as early as 3000 years ago during the Shang Dynasty this festival remains at the root of Chinese culture. The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by the Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Filipinos, and many others. This offers a clear example of the influence of Chinese culture on the rest of the world.

Moon Cakes

Moon cakes a sweet pastry made from wheat or rice flour and sugar. They are often filled with watermelon seed paste, red bean paste, or lotus seed paste can be found in both restaurants and small homes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival. Moon cakes are often given as gifts as a show of honor and respect. As with many other Chinese holidays, many families and companies set out lanterns to make the surroundings appear more festive. The traditional lanterns are designed with the lucky color red, but there are also many other homemade and commercial variations that make viewing lanterns interesting.

For more information see

August 26, 2019
Joe Brady

An Integrative Approach to Chronic Pain Management

Prompted by a call from the National Academy of Medicine for improved national data on pain, a recent study provides new insights concerning pain trends and opioid use for pain management.

41% of U.S. Adults Suffering From at Least One Painful Health Condition

Researchers showed that the number of U.S. adults suffering from at least one painful health condition increased substantially from 120.2 million (32.9 percent) in 1997/1998 to 178 million (41 percent) in 2013/2014. Furthermore, the use of strong opioids, like fentanyl, morphine, and oxycodone, for pain management among adults with severe pain-related interference more than doubled from 4.1 million (11.5 percent) in 2001/2002 to 10.5 million (24.3 percent) in 2013/2014. These are the findings of a comprehensive study, conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health was published in the Journal of Pain. Although opioid use is also way up there are alternatives in chronic pain management. Read on to learn how to relieve pain naturally.

August 19, 2019
Joe Brady

Strong Mind and a Strong Body, Go Together

 In nature everything that moves has a brain. Creatures that move about have to decide where to go, how to avoid obstacles and other functions that plants don’t have to deal with. Even the lowly little sea squirt, while it is young and swimming about, has a brain, however when it reaches maturity it attaches itself to a piece of coral. Now sedentary it proceeds to eat it’s own brain and becomes the ocean’s variety of couch potatoe. If being sedentary causes a loss of brains would physical activity improve the brain? Scientists are finding that it most definitely does. watch the video of  Dr. Wendy A. Suzuki a Professor of Neural Science and Psychology in the Center for Neural Science at New York University.  A prominent researcher in brain plasticity and long-term memory her research has focused on understanding how exercise can be used to improve learning, memory and higher cognitive abilities in humans.

Watch the Video

August 9, 2019
Joe Brady

The Oxford Study Fall Lecture Series: University of Denver’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Lifelong Learning: Cultivating Mind and Body

As health care costs continue to skyrocket, it is of international importance to find new approaches in preventive medicine. The Oxford study lectures are part of a longterm study in integrative medicine and lifelong learning. Students can participate in important research of interest to the University of Denver’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, the Oxford International Round Table, Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford and Harvard Medical School’s, Osher Institute on Integrative Medicine. The purpose of these studies is to bridge the gap between world class research and community health promotion.  These lectures will introduce students to the latest findings in research being conducted at  the the University of Denver’s OLLI, that may help determine future directions for lifelong learning here at OLLI and around the world.

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